Painting Commission to Atelier Favori in Tokyo

This painting is a commission for Atelier Favori in Tokyo. I was asked to create a serene painting to sit above the Chesney's fireplace (pictured below).

Congratulations Favori on creating such an elegant yet warm and welcoming showroom! 

Mrs and Mr Bateman Installation in Soho

"Mrs and Mr Bateman, an art, fashion and interiors installation, where artists are not bound by patron constraint and their true creative self is revealed. "

It was a pleasure to be a part of this exhibition and have a role in forming a welcoming home for 'Mrs and Mr Bateman' with my lamps. 

'Mrs and Mr Bateman', opened their home on Wednesday April 25th for a four day long exhibition. The exhibition was run by three women, artist Selena Beaudry, vintage fashion dealer Clemmie Myers, and interior designer Natalie Tredgett. Together they created the fictitious Mrs and Mr Bateman home, where you could purchase a piece (aforementioned the lamp. shown in the images) from fifteen different artists presented as part of the home. 

IMG_1916 copy.jpg


Getting inspiration in Miami



House & Garden Festival 2017

Massiomo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is  opening his first Social Table project in the UK.  

His Food for Soul charity in cooperation with The Felix Project and the Evening Standard are giving a Day Centre for homeless and vulnerable people a free makeover and kitchen designed by Studio Ilse.

As a volunteer of this centre, I am delighted to design the kitchen wall lights which will be made using the Centre's retro cutlery. 



The Firmdale Hotel Group opened their second New York Hotel, designed by Kit Kemp.