Getting inspiration in Miami



House & Garden Festival 2017

Massiomo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is  opening his first Social Table project in the UK.  

His Food for Soul charity in cooperation with The Felix Project and the Evening Standard are giving a Day Centre for homeless and vulnerable people a free makeover and kitchen designed by Studio Ilse.

As a volunteer of this centre, I am delighted to design the kitchen wall lights which will be made using the Centre's retro cutlery. 



The Firmdale Hotel Group opened their second New York Hotel, designed by Kit Kemp.

The new brochure

My new colourful brochure has been released. This season I have gone out of my comfort zone and experimented on the bright side from colours ranging from emerald green to sparkling amber. You can check out my online brochure here.


Photoshoot with Photographer Simon Brown

Fabulous photoshoot with photographer Simon Brown and stunning frames put together by Astrid Templier, such an amazing team. Using contrast and light to highlight certain aspects of my lamps. Also working on putting together a collection of table and floor lamps for my new brochure. Spicing it up a little this season by going colourful...

New year, new designs

Developing prototypes for new lamp elements in colours and gold patina, which are going to be available in my bespoke lamp designs.

Popping up at Shepherd’s Market

My sculptures and a lamp are on display at GLADSTONE LONDON pop-up shop in Shepherd’s Market, Mayfair, London. I’ll be at the Market’s event highlight, Thursday 3rd December, a Christmas street party with lights being turned on by Michael Palin.

Shepherd’s Market christmas lights